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In the context of the influx of refugees to the Netherlands the return container has been developed. This container is designed and insulated so comfortable living is perfectly possible.
At the end of the relief-period, the inhabitants of the container can indicate where they want him to be delivered in their homeland. They can then fill it with things that they want to take and the container will leave to its final destination by ship.
The container unit is easily fabricated by removing the doors and a few pieces sidewall. These can be stored in order to be used again in the return phase.
The interior can be finished with insulated panels and a simple kitchen and bathroom . If desired units can also be connected to provide larger families shelter.
Regarding the locations the returntainer-concept can be realized on vacant lots or even in agricultural areas. The infrastructure is simple to apply and after five years , the remainder of the containers are shipped to trouble spots around the world where regional shelter is desirable.
The terrain can be returned in original condition and take the old destination.
If the residents in 2020 arrived in their homeland again , they can start their new life from the container house and server their homeland by rebuilding it with their abilities and acquired skills. And by educating and training them well during their stay in our country (like producings high quality crops) we have future friends and trade-partners all over the globe.

return.tainer   is een initiatief van  Middelkoop Architecten bv  -  Achterwillenseweg 114 - 2805 KB  - GOUDA